OSL Trader View — 22 July 2019

3 min readJul 22, 2019

Iranian miners may want to find alternative plots to mine if head of Iran’s Energy Ministry does indeed jack up electricity tariffs to 7c/kWh vs. current rates of 0.5c/kWh. Unlikely the network experiences any downtime from a meaningful number of nodes as they relocate but this will show how the US decides to react to countries they are trying to throw under the bus.


Bitcoin Satoshi Vision ($BSV) -3.7% after an attempt to punch through $180 over the weekend. They have announced plans to increase the current block size from 1.28MB to 2GB as #Faketoshi has just been recognized as the OG by George Gilder (who?!). Also on Weibo, the con-artists mouthpiece has allegedly pledged to donate his holdings entire BTC & BCH holdings (800k coins) to other projects and altruism. The latter coming from his “mouthpiece”… if this is indeed true (which I seriously doubt), the man has come a long way from insulting countries by saying he has more stacks than they do. He can perhaps find peace with a new friend in Korea Kim, Namjin who has registered “Samsung Coin” with the country’s Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and has absolutely nothing to do with the chaebol.

Notable milestones from traditional finance come from Bakkt as their much awaited physically deliverable bitcoin futures platform begins user acceptance tests today with full stack release expected this quarter while Fidelity files for New York trust license for crypto custody. Bank of America is also in the game as they were revealed to have filed for a patent citing Ripple’s ledger

Everyone is inundated with opinions of Libra but worth highlighting even the New York State Assembly has managed to find some time away from bashing Libra before its even launched while they surreptitiously move to classify ownership of crypto held by dead persons as “abandoned property” so they cancall dibs. There have been some constructive soundbites from Bank of Thailand’s governor Veerathai Santiprabhob who is open to discussing the concept with the company while Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann has outright supported it.

  • Pocketinns slapped with a three-count lawsuit for unlicensed security dealings Jan 2018.
  • Tap n Go provides prepaid Mastercards for users to spend crypto holdings
  • WEXs former CEO Dmitry Vasilev is arrested in Italy. The exchange froze funds Jul18.
  • Joe Lubin sued for $13mn+ on alleged fraud, breach of contract & unjust enrichment by the former head of Token Foundry Harrison Hines.

May the trend be your friend… Happy trading!




Common Base CEO, pow.re co-founder. the strait jacket has been removed