2 min readJul 23, 2019


OSL Trader View — 23 July 2019

After shilling his date with the octogenarian to every living creature under the sun, with less than a week to go, Justin Sun has pulled a case of man flu as he postpones it to a TBC date as $TRX tanks -12.1% as worst performer in top100. The public bashing of Libra, Mnuchin talking of ‘very, very strong’ enforcement of regulations, $12mn Gladius scam, NJAGs crackdown on Pocketinns and countless other enforcement activities, maybe it’s a good idea. Even Americans are leaving the motherland. Circle just announced acquiring a Class F (“Full”) DABA license in Bermuda and has announced as they continue to move their workforce overseas.

The rumblings have been leaking for a while but regardless still not a good outcome that the Indian inter-ministerial committee has proposed banning virtual currencies just as Palestine’s Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh has confirmed the country will be using crypto to overcome the unjust treatment and sanctions imposed by Israel.

At the end of the day, honey badger don’t care. Bitcoin just cleared another ATH high hash rate: 80TH/s, eighty trillion calculations per second.
  • Iranian government approves mining
  • Bitfinex’s attorney pursues motion to dismiss NYAGs crackdown
  • Coinlaunch ordered to cease & desist by the Ontario Securities Commission
  • Ethereum ($ETH) -3.6% EIP 2028 proposed 16 gas per byte fees has been deployed for a week.
  • Dusk Network ($DUSK) -53.3% post Binance listing 6pm HKT last night.
  • SWIFT just realizing blockchain works.

May the trend be your friend… Happy trading!




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